We develop practical and playful tools to enable meaningful connections and transformational change.

At Performance Frontiers, we’ve been working with leaders and change makers for over 20 years, pushing the envelope on what’s possible in organisational transformation. Pocket Change takes the best of our work and conveniently packages it into simple but powerful kits to have on hand when you need them most.

PRE-ORDER Once Upon Align

once upon align will be available from July 2023

Once Upon Align is a simple and playful game for uncovering team dynamics and better understanding the groups we work in. With beautiful Australiana illustrations, you will find yourself on a journey – but maybe not the one you expected. So, pre-order a kit now and get ready for a voyage of collective self-discovery.


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Check out our range of effective energisers and ice-breakers to download and use to generate energy and engagement.

Our Story

For over 20 years, Performance Frontiers has been collaborating with visionary leaders and change-makers, breaking new ground in organisational transformation. With our latest offering, Pocket Change, we're excited to expand our reach and empower even more people to navigate change.