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Once Upon Align Team Development Toolkit

Once Upon Align Team Development Toolkit

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Once Upon Align is a simple and playful game for uncovering team dynamics and better understanding the groups we work in. With beautiful Australiana illustrations, you will find yourself on a journey – but maybe not the one you expected. So, jump on board and get ready for a voyage of collective self-discovery. 

Great leaders know the importance of getting purposeful on how our teams are working. Once Upon Align is designed with the benefit of over 20 years of experience facilitating high performing team in every type of organisation from startups to major corporations. Driven by curiosity, experiential learning, and play, this game will help you find out what is really making your team tick. 

The most enduring learning comes through experience. Once Upon Align is a game of experience – experiencing who we are as a collective and figuring out how we can be even better. 

Ready to play at your next workshop, team meeting or group retreat. This kit comes with 27 gorgeously illustrated cards, instructions and a facilitator’s debrief guide. 

Once Upon Align: 

  • Reveals and helps to unpack team dynamics  
  • Surfaces group interferences and obstacles 
  • Cultivates psychological safety through a facilitated workshop 
  • Enhances team connection in a playful and thoughtful way 
  • Employs experiential learning to drive insights 


  • Multiple uses per team 
  • Australian designed 
  • Simple and easy style 
  • Grab and go convenience 
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